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    Demo - high quality     (3820KB)
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You are about to listen to the short edit of four recently-composed
tracks, now combined into one five-minute track.

The music was written with PC or Video Games in mind, each
track creating a different atmosphere.

Despite the guitar being my 'weapon of choice' it is used here only
where needed: as part of the texture, as a repeated 'sample' or for a
specific solo. Click on a track for more details...
Force Field   Exodus   Searching   Crazy Dream  


The main sounds in the opening section
(apart from the synth pads in the background) were produced by the
guitar, even though these sound distinctly unlike guitars! There are also a
couple of household objects hidden in the mix...

For the main section the guitars take a complete break and the synthesised
sounds take over, this being the most techno of all the tracks. The main
groove is sequenced, but the keyboard solo in the middle was played 'live'.
Finally I play around with the delay effect on the drums... as you do!

Exodus   Searching   Crazy Dream  



It was probably the looped guitar riff that first provided the inspiration for
this track, providing both the rhythmical feel and the Eastern 'flavour'

The percussion is a mixture of sequenced and sampled drums
to create more of a live feel.

The main midi sounds were chosen to enhance the
Eastern theme of the track...
I'll leave it up to you to decide which country we are in!

Force Field   Searching   Crazy Dream  



This began as a fairly repetitive groove centered around the bass line, until
I enlisted the help of
Steve Owen (who also co-produced 'Ipthistr').

Steve added the funky keyboard riff heard throughout most of the track,
and also the piano solo in the middle. It was this solo that inspired the
middle section of the piece, as it seemed to suggest to me various breaks
and departures from the original section - thanks Steve!

The use of 'live' piano, bass and guitar also gives the track
more of a 'real band' feel to it.

Force Field   Exodus   Crazy Dream  



This is the most string-heavy of all the tracks, although it began with the
odd-sounding synth pad used throughout; this short progression seemed to
imply the main violin lines around which the piece is based.

I then worked at building a texture which becomes gradually more intense
throughout the piece, with guitar power chords added later
to reinforce the string section.

Force Field   Exodus   Searching