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I'm also a frustrated Graphic Designer!

The Story So Far...

I am a Midlands-based musician involved in performing, composing and teaching. My main instrument is the guitar in its many guises: electric, classical and bass; the latter is put to good use in local soul legends, The Soul Providers!

I graduated from Birmingham Conservatoire in 1994, having studied Classical Guitar and Composition (and with slightly less success, the Sitar... maybe one day...!)

What Am I Doing?

When it comes to creating new music, my main interest is in combining different types of sound; electric with acoustic, sequenced with 'live' performances and in terms of the composition itself, classical with 'modern' (this could include anything from Rock to Drum & Bass!)

The Gaming Revolution!

Damn, I knew it would happen! Having bought a PC mainly for recording music, I avoided buying any games for the first few months knowing what a distraction it would be. Finally succumbing a couple of years ago I discovered how advanced the games had become (yes, I did used to own a ZX Spectrum and then a Commodore 64!).

I suppose it was music that first took me away from computers as I started my first steps as a guitarist then formed the obligatory school band; having come full circle, the two interests have now combined, both in the way I am recording music and in an interest in writing music for games.

The Future...

I will probably bring the guitar back to the forefront of the music, partly because it's my main instrument but also because I think it can bring a fresh sound to music (particularly computer game music) which has traditionally been more about sequencing and programming.

In the past I have experimented with using guitar sounds as a substitute for keyboard textures; this was largely because I didn't used to own a keyboard(!) but out of this necessity has come some interesting ideas. I think there is still a lot of scope for developing this area of sound.

Then again, all those hours sat in front of a monitor can't be good for you
and it might soon be time to get in front of an audience again , so...

...Watch this space!