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Below you will find a selection of short audio samples that you can download for free. The sounds are available as WAVs (high quality)
or MP3s (smaller files).


I hope you enjoyed using these sounds - please feel free to email me the results!

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Harvest Tone

  wav (1008k)
  mp3 (98k)

Extracted from a full length track; works well as PC start-up sound!
Clarkey Pad

  wav (443k)
  mp3 (45k)

Originally played on guitar, but processed to create a more ambient 'wash'
Quantum Drive

  wav (438k)
  mp3 (45k)

Another guitar-derived sound with a   sci-fi kind of vibe; could be used in an ambient track or just as a sound effect.
Quantum Drive - Long

  wav (875k)
  mp3 (81k)

As above but, er... longer.

  wav (216k)
  mp3 (44k)

"While my guitar gently squeeks..."
Squeeky string sound with added echo

  wav (473k)
  mp3 (48k)

As i peered into the new-mown percussion track, this creature slithered out...
Long Snake

  wav (845k)
  mp3 (78k)

...followed by this one!!!

  wav (312k)
  mp3 (118k)

Alternative sound for your PC's recycle bin!

How to Download a Sound

Left click to play sample or right click and select 'save target as...'  to download to your computer

Suggested Uses for the Sounds

  1. Musicians may want to experiment with some of the sounds for their own compostions or mixes. 'Clarkey Pad' works well with varied speeds and pitches and is used in this way in 'Harvest Tone'

  2. Another use of the samples is as an alternative to the default sounds used by Windows; for example 'Harvest Tone' as a start up sound or 'Drain' when you empty your recycle bin!

    Please note that only the WAV, not the MP3 versions are suitable for this use.

    For a guide on how to change your windows sounds   CLICK HERE

  3. Another possibility is to use some of the sounds as unusual mobile ring tones or message alerts; your phone would of course have to support mp3s or wav files for this to work.
    I might include midi files later on to cover a wider range of uses; please contact me if you have any suggestions related to this matter, technical or otherwise.